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Frank C. Andolino, DDS (212) 753 - 5575
41 East 57th Street - New York, NY 10022


How much does it cost, and long will it take?

Your smile is unique, and so is your orthodontic treatment. The time and cost of each individual case varies depending on the severity of your case and the treatments you receive. By scheduling a complimentary consultation, Dr. Andolino can help you design a customized treatment plan and answer any questions you may have about the cost of your treatment. Please also review our New Patient Consultation information to learn more about how to get started with your orthodontic treatment.

Will receiving orthodontic treatment hurt, and can I return to work/school after my appointments?

While orthodontic treatment is made to be as comfortable and gentle as possible, each individual has a different tolerance level to pain. We are able to council on what to expect, and can provide you with safe and effective options should you experience any discomfort. You can also visit our Emergency Care page for additional information.

Is Dr. Andolino experienced?

Doctor Andolino began working as an orthodontist in 1989, after spending several years in dental school and receiving his certificate in orthodontics. In September 1990, he and his partner in practice, Dr. Brendan Boylan, founded Boylan - Andolino Dental Associates. Dr. Andolino was fortunate enough to work with Dr. Boylan for many years before he retired. In 2010, the office became Andolino Orthodontics, PC.

Doctor Andolino is the secretary for the American Lingual Orthodontic Association (ALOA), which he has been a member of since 1994. He was inducted as a fellow of the American College of Dentists (ACD) (1999) and the International College of Dentists (ICD) (2004). The ACD and ICD are honorary organizations for the recognition of outstanding and meritorious service to the profession of dentistry and to the community. Learn more about Dr. Andolino.

Do you see Children and Adults?

Yes! We work with patients of all ages.

Do you take insurance?

As a convenience, we will submit your insurance form for you. Correspondence will then be between you and your insurance company and they will pay you directly. Please contact our practice with any insurance questions you may have.

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About Us

Dr. Frank Andolino provides quality orthodontics for children, teens, and adults in New York City, Manhattan NYC, and the Upper East Side. Dr. Andolino specializes in adult orthodontics, offering Incognito lingual braces and Invisalign invisible braces. Contact our office to schedule your orthodontic consultation at (212) 753 - 5575.


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