by pema khorko on Andolino Orthodontics
Amazing Results!
This is the seventh month into my invisalign treatment. I am already seeing a big change in my teeth. I am so happy with the results and the transformation so far. I would like to thank Dr. Frank and his lovely staff who are always so friendly and kind. I can't wait to finish the treatment- half way there and so happy that I made the decision to get aligners.
by Madelyn M. on Andolino Orthodontics
5 Star Practice

Going to Dr. Andolino was an experience I will treasure the rest of my life. I was referred to Dr. Andolino by my periodontist who had noticed a tooth threatening situation which could be resolved orthodonticly. Not only was the problem resolved, but I now have the most beautiful smile, and the healthiest teeth and gums. I actually miss going to the office which was in the Fuller building, with Dr. Andolino's stunningwildlife photographs taken in Africa where he has a charitable clinic. Dr. Andolino's professional expertise and highly personable manner is mirrored in his staff who are all top notch and manage to treat you as though you were the dearest friend. How's that for going to the dentist? This is a 5 star practice in every respect that I highly recommend.

Top Invisalign Doc in NYC

Julia Z: When deciding on my Invisalign treatment, I contacted the top three Invisalign orthodontists in Manhattan and had complimentary evaluations with two of them. During the complimentary evaluation, Dr. Andolino took the time to explain the treatment and his methods - he is a perfectionist! - and so I knew I was making the right choice (even if it was the more expensive one).After the initial visit to take scans, molds, etc. and a two-week wait to receive my first Invisalign trays, I started treatment in June. Appointments were every six weeks, during which I received new trays and Dr. Andolino evaluated progress and made any necessary adjustments/cleaning/filing. Treatment finished off with 5 weeks of real, metal braces (and, in comparison, I am telling you that Invisalign was worth every single penny!!) and I was done in September. Just a few short days after the 15 month treatment length estimate Dr. Andolino gave me to start with - I'd say that's quite perfectly timed!The treatment was a very smooth and enjoyable process and I am extremely happy with the results. Just went for my 3-month check-up too and everything is looking good.Staff is courteous and helpful and always greets you with a smile. They all remember my name and actually remember what I told them during the previous visit. I'd recommend Dr. Andolino to anyone considering orthodontist treatment - in fact, have been singing his praises to all my friends! - and would definitely highly recommend Invisalign as well.

by Melissa on Andolino Orthodontics
Very Happy

I recently completed my Invisalign plan with Dr. Andolino and I am extremely happy with my results. My teeth look amazing and the treatment was actually shorter than I had anticipated. What makes his office even more special is the staff. They are all wonderful and every time I visited, they greeted me with a smile which made every visit cheerful. One of the reasons I chose Dr. Andolino was because of his staff and I am glad that I did.

Incognito braces a breeze

Ok, so I couldn't have popcorn, but other than that, wearing Incognito braces was hassle-free. (They came off today). An excellent staff at Dr. Andolino's office. They seem to anticipate every question and issue and send you home with written instructions and their email addresses in case something comes up. Dr. A's operation is a nice example of when dental expertise combines with good staff and mgt.

by Deborah M on Andolino Orthodontics
Highly Recommend Dr. Andolino

Dr Andolino was amazing with my orthodontist treatment and I would highly recommend him to everyone. That includes people of all ages. As I sat in the chair month after month and saw people of all ages,and watched his extreme gentleness,and his explanations, I knew I had finally got to the right chair.

Dr. Andolino is fantastic!

Dr. Andolino is fantastic! I had braces when I was younger and never used my retainers so my teeth had shifted. Dr. Andolino suggested Invisalign and the end result is amazing. The staff at the office are incredibly helpful and are always willing to answer questions and accommodate my crazy schedule.

by Bara A. on Andolino Orthodontics
Highly Recommend Dr. Andolino

Both my daughter and I had a great experience with this practice. I run a large sales organization and hesitated for years to get braces and correct my teeth. Dr. Andolino recommended lingual braces which made the process invisible to customers. As I researched, I found that this practice really has the most experience in working with this appliance in the city. The staff and Dr. Andolino anticipated and communicated all of the things necessary to help me adapt quickly to wearing the braces. They were very attentive, and any issue I had was dealt with by Dr. Andolino personally. I felt like both he and his staff were really dedicated to making the outcome as perfect for me as possible. The whole process took about a year, which was faster than expected and the end result (my smile) exceeded my expectations. My daughter is a teenager, and used standard braces, and had the same results (and even finished faster!). I would highly recommend this group of professionals. The whole team really went above and beyond to make the customer experience and outcome as good as we could have possibly expected.

by Ariel Sofio on Andolino Orthodontics

I feel so fortunate to have Dr. Andolino and everyone in the office be so supportive during my orthodontic experience. Because of their warmth and care, I felt excited for every appointment so I could catch up with everybody and share laughs about what had transpired in the 6 weeks since my last visit. If you want an experience where you can feel complete trust in your doctor and the office, choose Dr. Andolino because he truly is the best!

by Michael C. on Andolino Orthodontics
Andolino Orthodontics gets an A+

After some historically traumatic dental experiences, timing serendipitously placed me in New York when I needed extensive oral work to reconcile a long period of deferred maintenance, and alignment was just one issue that I needed to have addressed. And Andolino Orthodontics delivered.The staff was friendly and attentive, and eased me into what was to be an 18-month treatment program of braces to fix a near-criminal non-smile, which was carefully coordinated with my regular dental work and cleanings, as well as my other necessary oral surgeries.Every procedure was thoroughly explained, and Dr. Andolino was always present to examine and/or correct anything and everything related to fixtures, cleaning, maintenance, etc. All was to ensure that not only was his staff was restoring my ill-aligned ivories to piano-perfect, but that I was thoroughly involved in the process as well, flossing and brushing for adequate daily hygiene, and keeping my necessary appointments for adjustments and auxiliary cleanings as needed.And while I would probably quibble with the decor, the offices are adequately furnished, and equipped with modern, up-to-date technology.Oh, and they still nag me to finish my other needed work.Andolino Orthodontics gets an A+.

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