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Flexible Spending Accounts Can Be Used for Your Orthodontic Treatment!

Depending on your tax bracket, using an FSA to pay for your orthodontic treatment could save you significantly. Check with your benefits manager at work to find out if Flexible Spending Accounts of Heal Spending Accounts are offered by your company.

Planning & Your FSA

It's important to determine how much of your salary to deduct from each paycheck- this money is exempt from federal, state, and Social Security taxes and will be deposited in your Health Care FSA. Most companies allow you to spend the money any time during the year, even when it has not fully accumulated in your account. We suggest taking advantage of Doctor Andolino's free orthodontic consultation; this way you will know how much to invest in your FSA. FSA funds that are not used get forfeited at the end of the year. Check with your own plan deadlines.

If you already have a flex account, find out how much is in your FSA. Many account owners don't know how much they have left, which increases the likelihood they'll forfeit some of their funds. Your plan administrator should be able to tell you your balance; many plans provide up-to-date information on their websites.

Many patients undergoing orthodontic treatment choose to pay their bill in installments. If you or your child got braces this year and you're making monthly payments that continue through 2013, you can use your flex account to prepay some of those bills.

For example- if you are required to make a monthly payment in January and February, you can make those payments before Dec 31st with money from your account.

If you have any questions regarding FSAs, please contact Kathy at .





As the holiday season approaches, levels of stress typically rise, as does the incidence of bruxism and TMJ disorders. Grinding or clenching your teeth is termed bruxism, and millions of adults and children are affected by this condition. Because bruxism often occurs during sleep, the vast majority of people affected are unaware of the many negative effects and serious consequences this can have on your overall health.

Most experts agree that bruxism is caused by missing or crooked teeth, a misaligned bite or more commonly, as a response to increased stress. A majority of people grind their teeth from time to time, but when teeth grinding or bruxism occurs on a regular basis, teeth can be permanently damaged or lost. Bruxism can also lead to TMJ disorders, the second most common pain- causing musculoskeletal conditions after chronic low back pain.

If you are experiencing frequent headaches, facial pain or pain in and around your ears, if your teeth are sensitive or if you experience dizziness or imbalance and a sensation of clogged or ringing ears, there often are simple ways to relieve your pain, protect your teeth, and improve the quality of your life.

Call now to schedule an appointment with Doctor Andolino and transform your holiday season into a stress free and joyous celebration.


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