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This exciting new technology has only been available in the United States since early February 2012. Based on technology used in orthopedic medicine, FDA approved Acceledent is a safe, easy and effective way to shorten your orthodontic treatment time by nearly 40%.

Acceledent has been successfully used in the United Kingdom and Australia for several years with excellent results and patient satisfaction. Dr. Asif Chatoo, a friend and colleague practicing in the U.K. recently discussed his experience with me and enthusiastically supported this adjunctive treatment, echoing the manufacturers claims of 30 – 40% shortening of treatment time. Dr. Chatoo has been using Acceledent in his practice for nearly two years with excellent results.

As you may know, our practice was the first to offer Wilkodontics or Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics in New York City in 2005. Wilkodontics is a combined periodontal surgical/orthodontic procedure that can eliminate the need for extractions, jaw surgery as well as reducing treatment time by up to 50%. Acceledent now provides a painless, nonsurgical alternative for shortened treatment times.

I look forward to providing this treatment for new patients as well as those currently in treatment.

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