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How Braces Can Improve Your Child’s Oral Health

Besides getting a straighter smile, braces can also offer other wonderful benefits. 

Yes, getting braces can certainly go a long way to improving the overall shape and alignment of your child’s smile and our 0841595001554748345.jpgNew York, NY, orthodontist Dr. Frank Andolino at Andolino Orthodontics PC makes it easy for children and teens to get the smiles they want; however, there are other amazing benefits to getting braces that you may not have even realized. Here are some of the health benefits associated with getting a straighter smile.

Reduce Dental Decay 

A cavity is the most common dental disorder to affect patients of all ages and it can happen if you don’t keep teeth clean enough. Bacteria is constantly building up on our teeth and that’s why it’s so important that children are brushing their teeth at least twice a day; however, it can be trickier to keep certain parts of their smiles clean if teeth are overlapping or crowding one another. Braces can give your child a straighter smile, which is much easier to keep clean.

Prevent Gum Disease 

No matter whether teeth are overlapping one another or spaced apart these misalignments can make it difficult to effectively floss between teeth to keep gums healthy. As a result, this can lead to inflammation that can later turn into gum disease. This is more likely to happen in those with misaligned smiles because food can easily get trapped between teeth. Luckily, braces can improve the spacing of your child’s teeth and reduce their risk for gum disease.

Reduce Wear and Tear 

If your child is dealing with an overbite or underbite this can affect how teeth fit together when they bite down or chew. As a result, certain teeth take on more pressure and force everyday, which can cause them to wear down faster and lead to cracks or fractures. To prevent future damage to teeth it’s a good idea to find out if your child could benefit from getting braces.

Improved Appearance

Having a straighter smile as a result of braces can improve the appearance and self-esteem of your child, as well as create a better-looking smile. With current technology, the braces are smaller and more comfortable to wear, whether you are looking at traditional metal braces or ceramic braces. Older teens and adults may benefit from Invisalign treatment, with nearly invisible clear plastic appliances.

Andolino Orthodontics PC in New York, NY, is here to provide you and your child with the dental care you need for a healthy smile. If you want to find out if braces are right for your child then call our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Frank Andolino.

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