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Foods to Avoid This Summer Season If You Have Braces

If you’ve just gotten braces, you’ll want to steer clear of these summer foods.

Summer is well on its way, and soon there will be backyard BBQs and grilling to enjoy! However, if you are currently wearing braces, you may want to talk to our New York, NY, orthodontist, Dr. Frank Andolino at Andolino Orthodontics PC, about which foods should be avoided. While orthodontic treatment is a surefire way to straighten your smile and correct your bite issues, certain foods are likely to damage your braces and stall your progress. Here are some foods to stay away from this summer, as well as some alternative options:


For many people, nothing screams summer like sweet corn-on-the-cob—as you might imagine, however, biting into this summer favorite is tough on your brackets and wires. Not only could this cause braces to fall off or become damaged, but eating this could also lead to plaque buildup between braces (since it’s often challenging to remove all those corn fibers from between the brackets). Instead, use a knife and remove the kernels from the cob. You can still enjoy this delicious grilled treat just without the threat to your braces.

Wings and Ribs

Many of our summer food favorites also contain bones. If you accidentally bite down on one of them, they can pull brackets off teeth or cause wires to come apart. Any damage to braces requires immediate attention from Dr. Andolino. Therefore, if you want to enjoy those BBQ wings, you’ll want to order them boneless. Ribs should also be soft enough to cut the meat away from the bone.

Potato Chips and Popcorn

As you will see from the list of foods that are safe and foods to avoid, crunchy foods like potato chips are also not a good idea. Of course, potato chips are everywhere and they are an easy snack on the go. If you’re looking to treat yourself, opt for french fries, which are much softer and easier on your braces, or (for a healthier option) carry with you some low-fat string cheese and soft crackers such as Goldfish. 

Popcorn is also a bad idea, for it is easy for the kernels to get stuck between the teeth, and difficult for them to be removed.

Any Concerns? Contact Us Today!

If you have questions about caring for your braces or to discover if braces could be right for your smile, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Frank Andolino at Andolino Orthodontics PC in New York, NY today. Enjoy your summer and soon you’ll be enjoying a straighter smile!

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