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Are Incognito Braces Right for You?

Find out how Incognito Braces can give you a straighter smile. 

Incognito or lingual braces work the same way as traditional metal braces but they have one advantage that traditional braces don’t: they are placed on the back of the teeth rather than the front. This ensures that you get the straighter smile you want without other people noticing. From the office of our New York orthodontist Dr. Frank Andolino, here’s what you should know about Incognito Braces.

Incognito Braces are Made for You 

No two smiles are the same; therefore, why should orthodontic treatment be a one-size-fits-all approach? Dr. Andolino customizes your braces to fit your specific needs. By creating braces that are designed just for you this can reduce the number of adjustments you’ll need to undergo during your orthodontic treatment process while also being more effective at shifting teeth into the proper position. You should see results faster with Incognito Braces.

Most People Can Benefit from Incognito Braces 

Incognito Braces make it possible for people of all ages, from young teens to seniors, to get a more discreet orthodontic treatment that people won’t notice.

If you are concerned about others noticing your braces and you want a subtle way to fix misalignments in your smile then Incognito Braces may be right for you. This is an ideal treatment for people dealing with issues that clear aligner systems can’t correct but who still want to avoid wearing visible braces.

What will it be like to live with Incognito Braces? 

While you’ll be surprised to see just how easily Incognito Braces fit into your lifestyle it’s important to be aware of certain dos and don’ts when wearing these braces:

Diet: While you can eat most things you will still want to be careful so you don’t damage your braces. Therefore, softer foods are going to be your best friend, while you’ll want to avoid foods that are sticky, hard or crunchy (e.g. bubblegum; popcorn).

Sports: While you can still play sports while wearing braces you will want to wear a mouthguard to protect both your teeth and your braces from any damage. Make sure you always wear your mouthguard before participating in any sports.

Music: Worried that you won’t be able to play your beloved wind instrument while wearing braces? Think again! You can still play any instrument of your choosing, even when wearing braces.

Want to find out if Incognito Braces are right for you? If so, call Andolino Orthodontics PC in New York, NY, at (212) 753 - 5575 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Frank Andolino.

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