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Improve Your Smile and Your Confidence With Incognito Braces

Are Incognito Braces the right choice for you and your smile? 

Want to feel confident with your smile while still wearing braces? This might seem hard to believe but this is exactly what Incognito Hidden Braces can offer you. Our New York, NY, orthodontist Dr. Frank Andolino, places these braces on the back of your teeth, so they are able to correct alignment issues but without others noticing the brackets or wires.

What are Incognito Braces?

Incognito braces look the same as traditional braces, and provide the same results, but instead of being bonded to the front of your teeth they are placed behind your teeth. The most obvious benefit is that people won’t be able to see your braces when you smile or talk. Incognito braces are ideal for most patients, no matter their age or bite problem.

If you are dealing with crowding, spacing between teeth and common bite problems such as overbites and crossbites, these braces may be right for you. Turning to our orthodontist Doctor Andolino, who specializes in the placement of braces, can also ensure that you get a comfortable and proper fit.

What are the benefits of Incognito Braces?

While having a discreet set of braces that people won’t notice is certainly a major benefit, it isn’t the only benefit. These braces are also custom-made based on a digital scan that we will take of your mouth. This makes this treatment completely tailored to you and your needs. Everything is precise, ensuring that you get the results you want.

Incognito braces are also incredibly efficient. This means that you could actually get results in a shorter period of time than you may have thought. If you are only looking to correct a few misaligned front teeth, this same system offers a “lite” version, where brackets are only placed on the first 6-8 front teeth. Doctor Andolino will be able to determine which Incognito orthodontic system is right for you during your evaluation.

If you are interested in learning more about incognito braces and whether you’re an ideal candidate for treatment, call our New York City, NY orthodontist at (212) 753-5575. Trust in the smile experts at Andolino Orthodontics PC to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the office is closed, however, Doctor Andolino is offering complimentary virtual consultations. Call now to schedule your complimentary virtual consultation.

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