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What to Do If You Have Pain With Your Braces

Don’t let orthodontic discomfort bug you. Here are ways to get it under control. 

Whether our New York orthodontist Dr. Frank Andolino has just placed your braces or has recently tightened your braces, it is normal to experience a little discomfort at first. Of course, there are simple things that you can do from the comfort of your own home to help ease discomfort and irritation. Here are some helpful tips to ease the pain of braces:

Apply Ice 

If you are experiencing an achy sensation on one side of your face, you may choose to wrap an ice pack with a towel and then apply that directly to the face. This can numb the pain temporarily and also reduce inflammation and swelling. Apply the ice for up to 15 minutes at a time to reduce negative symptoms.

Sip Ice Water 

Along with applying ice to your face, you may also find that sipping a cold glass of water can also numb the area enough to ease any post-tightening discomfort you may be experiencing. Not to mention, it’s a great way to stay hydrated!

Eat Soft Foods 

If your teeth and gums feel a little sensitive and sore after applying braces or tightening your braces, our New York orthodontist will most likely recommend that you eat soft foods for a couple of days to prevent further aggravation and irritation. Choose foods such as scrambled eggs, yogurt, soup, mashed potatoes, and cereal that can be a little easier to chew.

Apply an Oral Anesthetic 

You can also find simple over-the-counter topical oral anesthetics such as Orajel® at your local drugstore that can also ease pain, irritation, and discomfort with braces. By rubbing this gel on the gums this can instantly numb the area and provide relief for several hours.

Pop a Painkiller 

If the pain is really bugging you and you don’t think ice or an oral anesthetic is enough, then you may simply want to take an over-the-counter pain reliever such as ibuprofen, which can reduce pain and swelling. In fact, if you’re about to come into our office to have your braces tightened, you may even choose to take a pain reliever about one hour before coming in for your appointment.

If you are interested in finding out what braces can do for you, call our New York, NY orthodontist, Dr. Frank Andolino, today at (212) 753-5575 to schedule an evaluation. The team at Andolino Orthodontics is here to help you feel more confident in your smile.

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