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How Do I Know if I Need Braces?

Is it time to consider getting braces for you or your child?

Did you know that as many as nine out of 10 people have teeth that are slightly misaligned? So, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that many teens and adults that visit our New York, NY, orthodontist Dr. Frank Andolino will benefit from orthodontic treatment. Braces and Aligners can correct a variety of malocclusions, or “bad bites”, and give you a healthier and more attractive smile. Here are the top reasons to get braces.

Orthodontics and You

Here’s how to tell whether or not you or your teen could benefit from orthodontics

Your teeth don’t fit together properly

Whenever you bite down, do you notice that your top teeth completely cover your lower teeth? Or that your lower teeth cover your upper teeth? If so, these are known as overbites and underbites, and these malocclusions (“bad bites”) can cause problems with speaking, chewing and the overall function of your teeth.

You are dealing with jaw pain

While teeth grinding and other issues may be to blame for jaw pain, many of our patients notice this issue because their teeth are misaligned and crooked. If you are experiencing recurring or persistent jaw pain, this could be due to alignment issues with your teeth. This is something that Doctor Andolino can determine.

You don’t like your smile

Along with misaligned and problem teeth, if you simply aren’t happy with your smile because of crooked teeth then this is reason enough for teens and adults to get braces. Remember, it’s never too late to get a straighter smile. We offer a variety of orthodontic treatments that cater to adults of all ages, as well as teens and kids.

Orthodontics and Your Child

Wondering if your child could benefit from orthodontic treatment? This isn’t always as easy to determine as it is for older teens and adults. While bringing them into our New York office for an evaluation with our orthodontist is a good idea for every child around seven years old, here are some warning signs that your child could benefit from braces,

  • They experience difficulty chewing or biting

  • Their teeth are gapped, twisted or crowded

  • Their jaws pop or click when they open or close

  • Your child complains of biting their cheek regularly, especially when eating

Do you want to sit down with our New York, NY, orthodontist Doctor Andolino to discuss orthodontic options for you, your child or your teen? We offer everything from traditional braces to nearly invisible aligners to help you achieve the results you want. Schedule an orthodontic consultation today by calling Andolino Orthodontics at (212) 753-5575.

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