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Outdoor Exercises to Make You Smile

Posted May 15, 2018.

Spring is finally here. The warmth and sunshine are calling! Take this as an invitation to get outside and exercise. Exercise and fresh air are both great not only for your health, but for your emotional wellbeing. That means that getting fresh air and exercising can help boost your mood; being happy means that you’ll have more reason to show off your beautiful smile! Continue reading for some outdoor fitness tips from Andolino Orthodontics PC.

For those of us whose desk jobs keep us sitting all day, walking is a great way to get back into fitness. Walking outside is relaxing and fun, as you can find a scenic path through trees or at the beach. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals and gradually increase your time as you get in better shape. Taking bursts of brisk walking to break up a more leisurely pace can help you progress in your walking program.

If you’re a runner, you may have been using the treadmill all winter. However, the warm weather of spring means that you can take things back outside. If you feel up to the challenge, and particularly if you are competitive, consider joining your local road racing team or run in a half-marathon. Racing can bring your fitness to a whole new level.

Swimming is a great way to exercise without the high impact stress to joints that is often experienced during running. However, swimming is still a great cardiovascular workout. Swimming laps is a great way to track your workout. Choose a number of laps and alternate fast laps with recovery laps. Choose an outdoor pool or go to the beach for some fresh air and sunshine as you swim.

Stand Up Paddle Board
Paddle boarding challenges your balance, core, endurance and overall body strength. This workout is not for the beginner. Take the time to learn the proper technique before setting out. Paddle boarding is both exhilarating and exhausting, which makes it a great choice for those serious about their fitness.

Cycling outside in a park or another scenic route is a great way to spice up your usual indoor workout on the bike or elliptical. Cycling improves cardiovascular fitness and helps burn calories by working the muscle groups in your legs.

Play Competitive Games
Choose fun, fast moving games that encourage friendly competition. Some great ideas of games that will give you a workout include ultimate frisbee, flag football, or basketball.

Beach Volleyball
Beach volleyball calls for lots of movement, which is known as plyometrics. Plyometrics helps develop strength and power. In addition, sand makes our bodies work even harder since it is an unstable surface.

Hiking doesn’t necessarily mean that the trail is steep or that you’re taking switchbacks up a mountain. However, hiking can offer great endurance, core conditioning, power and balance training. Wearing a moderately heavy backpack during a hike can give you a great resistance workout while you negotiate uneven terrain and obstacle courses of stones and sticks.

If you think that yoga is great indoors, wait until you try it outside. Imagine the peace you will find in a quiet, serene location of your own choosing. Practicing yoga in the sun can really help your zen and enhance your mind-body connection.

Feel free to contact our office at (212) 753 - 5575 today for more tips about outdoor exercising and to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Andolino, our orthodontist in New York, New York.

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